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Windows 8 completely ignores my Power Settings

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McKay    3,695

My Windows 8 PC completely ignores my power settings, normally I'd be on "High Performance" but then it started going to sleep after just a few minutes of inactivity, it goes right to the lockscreen even quicker, I don't have any screensavers enabled or anything.

I tried making a new Custom Power Plan with "Go to sleep" - Never etc but it still does the same. It's getting really irritating.

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-Deleted-    63

Right bare with me I'll have a look, as i have the same problem, only way i could stop it was to **** around with power settings, gimmie 10 mins and ill try to find out.

Edit -





Do step one if you don't have the option. See if that helps...


Edit edit -


This is abit of an easier route to follow, plus you know nothing is getting messed up in the registry,

Hope this helps pal.

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HawkMan    5,162

Is it an Asus pc? If so their special power settings will always reset. The only way to make them stay is to use the keyboard shortcut and the you can only change between the Asus power settings.

Acer has something similar with their 8hr Eco laptops.

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