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Outlook 2010 export steps

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Cosmin    23

Hy. I wish to upgrade my actual system from Windows 7 to 8 and also try the new Office 2013. In terms of outlook 2010 which I'm using now I wish to export my actual 3 accounts (gmail & 2 yahoo) with their settings for using them on future outlook 2013.. but there're some minor issues:

- when trying to export I receive this type of error.. I don't remember some option has been unchecked on office 2010 install.

- for backup & import procedure I only need the pst. file or there are more? such as reg. keys..?



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sc302    1,433

grab the pst.

There is a backup of the mail account that you can do. 2010 also uses a cache file with a mk2 extension, that is what prefills when you start typing in a email address in the to,cc,bcc fields.

With the nk2edit from nirsoft, you can backup and restore that file

mail pass view will allow you to export your mail account info, incase you forgot your account info/password.

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