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Windows 7 still being sold on up to 93% of British PCs

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+Fahim S.    1,041

All the apologia and false assumptions in the world will never overshadow the fact that windows 8 has become the most hated OS in the entire history of microsoft.

Yes XP wasn't well received at first mostly due to the "fisher price" UI, however once people realized they had a choice to go with classic desktop all the moaning and groaning eventually went away, unlike windows 8 where there's an obvious usability issue and no option given by microsoft to fix it.

Unlike Vista and ME the hatred toward windows 8 is steadily increasing with no end in sight.

The Vista drivers were 99.99% the fault of microsoft, not the drivers, microsoft signed them thereby certifying them to work with the hardware, given the bad reputation of Vista many people decided to stay on XP because it just plain worked, there was no "FUD" about Vista, the hate it received was well earned.

The whole "people don't like change" or are afraid of change is nothing more than zealot evasion and fear of acknowledging that the "change" was simply not for the better and in the case of windows 8 it was for the worse.

Windows 8 certainly polarises opinion but so far Windows ME and Vista were the two versions that were the most universally hated (ME justifiably so, Vista not). Anyone remember the Mojave project?

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Javik    4,082

You know, on some hardware ME ran great. It didn't for me. But I do know people who were happy with it.

All of the 9x systems were pretty unstable, and moving to NT was undoubtedly a good move but I personally never found ME any more unstable than any of the 9x systems.

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Growled    3,880

The main thing wrong with Windows 8 and any devices associated with it is the price. People have been spoiled by Google. Microsoft needs to get some low end devices on the market quick.

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Silver47    54

Sweet mother... This argument still going?

OMG XP is fisher price it will fail! Becomes the O/S that all enterprises' uses.

Vista fail as its clunky and slow! Roll on SP 1...

Windows 8 is fail as it has new user interface that us the online geeks that have all seeing knowledge that is evil and must destroyed!

Don't think I've seen a laptop returned because of the UI. and laptop sales have dropped. due to this Samsung 7" tab 2 they have for ?159.... cant think why they chose that over a laptop when they go on the internet and just email...

Guys, seriously, pull your ****ing head out of your arses and get a grip, tablet market is growing, PC's are only getting replaced when they need to.

Ohh wait, none of you work in the retail space and are arm chair analysts... :/

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