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windows 2008R2 WDS, WAIK and MDT

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Andreas Goretzky    1


just have done a setup of the WDS role, then downloaded the Deployment Toolkit, added the Windows Automatted installation Toolkit (WAIK) and successfully went through all of these configuration steps as there are:

- setting up a deployment share

- defining a LiteTouch_x64.iso as a boot image n the Deployment Services

- making an "empty" VM where I ran through OS instalaltion with the deployment wizard

- finally having captured a file called 1.wim in a folder c:\deploymentshare\captures\1.wim

I added a tastk using this 1.wim file, but using the same boot image I had the same choices, except my new task where the "1.wim" contents seem to be applied.

But there are plenty of dialogues, and I wanted to have an automated and unattended install using PXE boot.

How can I archive this? The 1.wim is not a bootable media itself, and it is not possible to add it as a bootable image.

According to the documentation of the WDS it "has to be this way", meaning for learning purposes I followed the docuemntatzion from MS and succeeded in having a manual begin of an install procedure.

What should I do to have the install completely automated? What do I have to do with my 1.wim capture file?

The reason is, I want to be able to make an automated deplioyment for "new" servers or workstations having nothing on HD (or wiped HD) using PXE boot mechanism.

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+rdlenk    94

You need to build an Answer File. The Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM) program should have been installed as part of the AIK which will help you build the answer file. Once it is created and validated you should be able to bring it into WDS. The link above should get you to the step-by-step directions from Microsoft TechNet for getting this to work.

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