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Offset CPU OC Voltage Jump Question

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+J. X. Maxwell    2,142

Before I managed a stable multiplier of 42 (4.2Ghz) with very small negative offset.

No such luck with multiplier of 43 (BSOD), so I switched to a positive offset.

I also tried the "auto" setting - and I must ask, with what body part did ASUS configure the auto offset feature!? It sure wasn't their head - CPU-Z was reporting a CPU frying 1.36 V for 43 multiplier. Quickly rebooted and removed that - bad newegg review coming up (this one of many complains I found against the motherboard I bought)...

Anyway, I am now running at about a positive .12 V (I think - I am typing this on that PC) offset (after many BSODs to having too little juice).

At 1.6Ghz, i5 is being supplied with 1.032 to 1.040 V

When the i5 runs at its OC frequency (stable via Intel Burn Test V2 and temp of up to 78C or 70 with prime95 for a few hours) at a multiplier of 45.

When something like IntelBurnTest or Prime95 is running the voltage is ~ 1.22-1.23 when all four cores are utilized.

But when just booted up, or switching clock speeds, or just running prime95 with 1 thread - the voltage is a skyrocketing 1.272.

When running two threads of Prime95 the voltage is 1.248 -1.256

When running three threads if Prime95 the voltage is 1.232

LLC is regular AFAIK.

This makes no sense to me. Can someone explain this? I am probably doing something a bit wrong.

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