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Bartender Fired For Alerting Police To Drunken Patron Getting Behind Wheel

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Alwaysonacoffebreak    692

Well once anyone has got more than 35mg of alcohol in their blood then they're intoxicated and in Britain over the legal drive limit.

So by this,

Bartenders are prohibited from serving an intoxicated person and could be held liable for any crash or injury that results, though.

The bar keep should be serving them no more than 1.5 pints of larger proof 4.4% or no more than a large glass of white wine.

I went to the Pub Xmas eve with my buds from a club and I drank 6 pints of Guinness.

I should have been stopped at 1.5 pints, but wasn't.

I don't drive, I walk everywhere.

So why then do the pub trade ignore this fact.

The bar keep should sue her employer, she did the right thing.

Though if she kept serving the man beer, she did the wrong thing also.

LOL! What a stupid law.

I'm not proud of it but a few years back when we went to a bar each weekend in the midlands we got ****drunk out of our minds (Easily 6-8 pints and to top that with some Jager shots) and no-one even mentioned that kinda thing, that would just lose the point of going to a bar (taking the mindset I had back then).

But she was right to call the cops on him.

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Vykranth    527

The commander of the post would not make a comment to 10TV News on camera but said that while DeVito did the right thing morally, she did not do the right thing for the business.

Hence, the problem of our societies, when the right moral thing to do is put behind the business.

Disgusting ...

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