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[OVERCLOCKING HELP] I Know I Can Get More Out Of This System

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goatsniffer    48

Hello friends,

I have been overclocking for a few years, ever since my Pentium 4 Northwood system. When it comes to overclocking I would say I manage, but I am a far cry from an expert.

Here is my current system:

Intel Core-i7 Bloomfield 2.67GHz (D0) @ 3.8GHz, 190.5MHz Bus x 20 Multiplier, 1.230VCore

Asus Rampage II Extreme Motherboard, Intel X58 Chipset, BIOS v2101

G.Skill DDR3 PC-10700 Triple-Channel RAM 48GB (6 x 8GB) @ 952.5MHz, 2:10 Ratio, 10,11,10,30,232,2T Timings

I am using an Asus Lion Square CPU Cooler with AS5 that keeps idle temps around 50C.

If I turn turbo mode on I get a bluescreen.

So I ask your help to help get me some more performance out of my system. How can I get the CPU higher? And how can I output my BIOS settings so I can post them here? Do I need to write them down by hand?

Thank you!

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