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I don't care for Windows 8

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PGHammer    1,717

Not sure if you are trolling or just on another planet altogether.

Windows 8 doesn't boot to desktop by default, it boots to the user-hostile "start screen" or "metro" or whatever name you have for the abomination and there is no start menu on the desktop.

In what way is the Start Screen user-hostile?

And the desktop is ALWAYS one-click away - by moving the desktop tile to the upper left, you can go to the desktop by hitting the Enter key on your keyboard as well (established with the Consumer Preview, and retained by the RTM).

Login screen - alternatively, you can simply tap the spacebar or Enter key (no need to swipe up).

The Start Screen is different from the Start menu - that is something that nobody disputes. To imply it is user-hostile means that it is radically different from what the user implying hostility is used to.

Is Windows 8 for everyone? No - the Start Screen itself is evidence of that. (While I've gotten used to the Start Screen - on a non-touch-enabled desktop - just fine, that doesn't mean that all desktop users can - or even should. My cousin the MD - who is also a businesswoman, can't deal with Windows 8 at all - and she's smarter IQ-wise than I am. Therefore, IQ proves exactly nothing.)

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+warwagon    13,747

Never mind..

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