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Little Johnny's At It Again ..

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tajul    1,907

Early one morning as school was starting the teacher called out to her students to get ready to make their presentations.

She had asked the students to write about something important that happened in their families the night before.

She asked who wanted to go first and Terry and little Johnny raised their hands.

She called on Terry first because Little Johnny had a tendency to be fowl mouthed Terry gave his presentation and went back to his seat.

Little Johnny walked up to the board and drew a dot and then walked back to his seat.

The teacher after pondering over this for a minute finally asked what it was and Little Johnny said it was a period and the teacher said yes I can see that but what does it mean.

Little Johnny said, "The hell if I know, but last night at dinner when my sister told my parents she missed one Dad had a heart attack,

Mom fainted and the drug store owner on the corner shot himself. :)

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