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Is DTH more preferable over Cable?

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I have found DTH to be more preferable over cable for the following reasons. If you are going for a Set top box then here?s why you should not be looking for cable tv Set Top boxes:

- You will have to buy a Set Top Box from your cable operator, which will be an additional cost. There is no guarantee that you will get your set top box installed in time. They may take days or even maybe a week and sometimes deliberately delay so that they can charge you extra - You will not receive HD set top boxes from your cable operators

- Set top boxes are of inferior quality and they also do not provide warranty. Many have complained about low quality set top boxes in the first phaze of Digitization - Your monthly subscription rates may increase.

- In case your cable operator has been showing pirated movies and unlicensed TV channels, it may no longer be possible for him to do so.

Instead DTH Set Top Boxes will provide:

- Choice of pack with bouquet pricing or pay only for those channels that you select

- TV beyond viewing with value added interactive services, video on demad (VOD) with around 1000 movies and games - Most DTH services offer 1 year warranty on set top boxes

- 24*7 Customer service, hasssle free relocation and reliability that surpass local cable operator?s service

- HD picture quality and recording facility which will offer more convenience to viewers

So imo DTH is more preferable over Cable operators. You too can share your views on which set top box is more preferable according to you.

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