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Windows Media Player Uninstallations : Ver 7 +

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SpeaR    0

Well most people have had issues with MP7.

This might help you :

When you install MP&+ in most cases Windows wont let you uninstall it coz it becomes an integrated part of Windows. Its not only resource hungry but associates certain filetypes that are better off viewing/playing with other apps. So what do u do in a situation like this ? Do u swear at Ms, think about formatting ? Well you wont need to do anything like that.

On most machines WP 6.4 will be default. That would be updated by 7+ vers. The most important and maybe the best kept secret is that it doesnt actually overwrite that player. It makes a copy of it. It renames it to MPlayer2.exe. That is what you need to find in the Windows or WinNT folders. Just change the shortcuts to that player instead of Win Med Pla 7 +. You might wanna change the file associations too, just press shift + rightclick (Default for XP and 2000) and click on open with and select the mplayer2.exe.

Hope that helps you people.

PS : you guys could add it as a tip on anysite if ya'll want.

:D :cool:

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configure    1

What if I wanted to remove 6.4 too? :D

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