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Windows 8 Shows as Connected but isn't?

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M_Lyons10    454

Hello everyone. This is really driving me insane so I wanted to ask everyone here if you've experienced this with Windows 8 and if there is something I could try to get this working...

I have connected multiple computers to the network here (XP, Vista, 7) and had no problem at all.

I just got a Windows 8 machine and it shows as connected to the router (And internet), but I am unable to browse to a web page, or even the router's login dashboard... I'm also unable to browse to and view other computers on the network...

The IP being assigned is within the IP Pool... The Default Gateway, Subnet Mask, and DNS Server is right...

I updated the drivers for the wireless (Intel Wireless {First time I've had Intel Wireless and so far I'm not impressed}).

I was able to connect to the internet fine when wired...

I do not have MAC Filtering on the router...

I'm kind of out of ideas... I've never had such trouble connecting to a router before and figured Windows 8 would be better (Windows 7 was VERY smooth)...

Thanks Again everyone for your help.


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