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Americans Abandoning Facebook In Droves

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Joshie    700

Microsoft used to do that to me all the time with their Messenger adverts. I reported it loads of times, but nothing ever came of it.

I can only assume they were tracking my browser usage and saw how much porn I was looking at :woot: ...

Ah, don't blame them. Statistics are in their favor, after all--most people in relationships cheat! You gotta appeal to the widest demographic*.

*Your mom is not a demographic

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sagum    364

I used FB a lot the first year or two I was on it. Now its just a place to see pics that family posts. I maybe may one comment on there every couple of weeks. Wasnt for family and the pics, I wouldnt have an account.

Quite the same for me. Except, now that I've got the new Facebook news feed update it's pretty pointless.

For some reason Facebook thought it'd be great to;

Ensure that the default news feed shows what Facebook thinks is going to be most interesting to me. Including posts that are from last Saturday first (that's 6 days old now)... every time I login.

Scrolling down, I see the next posts any were from several days to 8 hours, 20 minutes ago to 4 hours ago. I haven't a clue what's new or why it's showing me them like that.

I have to go into the News feed settings and select most recent. Not that it helps...

The posts shown on your feeds includes, your friend's status updates, your friend's pictures. your friend's shares.

Fair enough. But now Facebook also includes, sponsored suggested pages for you to like. It also shows you posts from pages that your friend's have liked.

Worse still, it shows you posts from your friend's friends that your friend has liked or commented on, in the news feed.. no longer on the news ticker (that's pretty much gone btw).

If having all that junk on your news feeds wasn't bad enough, on a 1920x1080 display with the browser window maximised I can only see 3 posts.

The UI is so big now, it actually feels worse then a Metro app. If someone posts a picture. You're lucky if you can see 2 posts.

Scrolling through all this junk to find friends and family updates and pictures is now a real chore using the website.

I calculated it a couple of nights ago, and of my actual friends I was only seeing 14.7% from them.

The rest was of my friend's friend's posts, likes/pictures/shares/status updates, suggested like pages, and posts from the liked pages of my friends.

Unless you want visit each family/friend's profile page and check manually (and that's changing too), Facebook is quite literally waste of time now.

Luckily for me, I've been using the People Hub/app on the Windows Phone and Windows 8 for some time now so still only get my contact's updates there.

It certainly is a worrying sign of where Facebook is heading, and is no longer a go to place for me when I want to catch up on friends and family.

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Growled    3,880

The idea of facebook is cool.. Sharing pictures with friends, sharing updates, instant news updates, catching up with friends that you use to work with or go to school with.. but.. like anything it becomes flooded with idiots and becomes rather annoying.. You have distant family members wanting to friend request you.. if you ignore them they get their feelings hurt.. if you do friend them they are always the ones that repost stupid pictures or those "need 10000 likes to save this kid".. I wish G+ would have taken off..

I actually prefer G+ because it lacks all the idiots and all the silliness. I hope they stay on Facebook.

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