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Looking at a laptop...

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nhjay    13

I'm looking at a laptop to replace my worn 3 year old machine.

I'm looking at an HP Envy dv6t select edition and am curious primarily on the graphics performance as I will be playing a few games.



gt 635m



Win 8

The display is a backlit LED (new on a laptop for me) and only has a resolution of 1366x768.

I'll be using it for basic photoshop and encore tasks, visual studio 2010 (just starting to learn), dvd ripping with handbrake and a few games consisting of:

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age 2

Age of Empires 3

Mass Effect 3

the new Sim City

I'm replacing 3 year old hp dv6z thats running a Turion II M520 with integrated HD 4200 graphics with 4GB. I know the newer specs are heads and tales over the older, but I'm curious on what to expect from the newer GPU's performance.


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Kami-    178

Get one with a better resolution!

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Wakers    327

You'll need a higher resolution and gaming with pretty much any chip will fall short on a laptop once you get towards 1080p.

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