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Netgear DG834G as Modem with D-Link Dir857 Router

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jazzerat26    0

Trying to add a D-Link DIR857 Router to an existing Netgear DG834G wired & wireless system.

Wired connections include Dell Desktop, NAS Storage, WII Console, Samsung BluRay Player, FoxSat PVR and TalkTalk YouView Service over PowerLine Units. There is also an Edimax Wireless Range Extender serviced by a Powerline Unit.

Wireless connections include Smart Phones, IPad, Kindle and a Wireless MFC Printer (via the EdiMax), as well as various laptops owned by family members.

The D-Link DIR857 installation is straight forward and does everything as stated in its user manual.

However although it's signal lights both show blue indicating power on and Internet connected there is no actual internet connection.

It appears that the Netgear does not 'see' the DLink even though there is an ethernet connection from a Netgear Router port directly to the DLink's Ethernet port.

The Netgear continues to provide wireless connectivity on it's 2.4GHz band

The DLink is providing wireless connectivity on it's 2.4GHz band, (to test this has a different SSID), but has no Internet connectivity.

Any Ideas - John

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