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Voice Alarm Assistant for Windows 8

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Chris Duru    0

I'm Curious to find out if people would want an Assistive Voice Alarm for their Windows 8 devices. With so many assistants and alarms out there, what would incline a user to use one in place of another? I believe User Experience

I'm currently developing a Voice Alarm Assistant called "Loop" that is just a few days from hitting the windows store for Win-tablets & Desktops.

Unlike any other alarm app. With Looper you can create, change and remove Alarms & Timers all by voice.

You can also Inquire about the time and weather in your current location or for a different location like example "What's the time in London?"

Everything you need in the morning is available to you. You can ask about the latest news, play your favorite radio station or music also by voice.

Why fumble through your phone or tablet in the morning when you can talk to it by saying "I want 30 more mins" and go right back to your snoozing and It will add 30 more minutes to the current alarm? Or do you want to listen to music while getting ready in the morning?

Just say: "Play FM 95.5" or "I want to listen to Rihanna Diamonds".

With conversation mode you can chat with the app and have dialogues like:

"You: What's the weather in London next week"

"Loop: Its going to be 20 degrees with little snow"

"You: Well I have a flight there tomorrow at 4"

"Loop: Would you like me to set an alarm for your flight at 4"

This is just a breadth of what will be possible with Loop. What do you think? I think a app like this should be a default application on windows 8.




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