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Dot Matrix    7,364

Indeed, they are obviously not going to make everyone reinstall or there crap, nor are they going to make you install Windows 8 then install Blue over the top! We still are unsure of how this update will actually get to consumers though, it will most likely be a free update, as in if you have a Windows 8 license then you have a Blue license because thats how it works in the leaked builds but if for some strange reason it was paid then it would have to come through the Windows Store somehow or perhaps through a retail or download from Microsoft.com? Not likely at all, the logistics would be too much of a pain and if MS wants to restore some "faith" in Windows 8 they will want to push this update to as many devices as possible, as soon as possible!

Windows XP SP 2 never required a fresh install, neither will this one. And the only way you'll have to pay for this update, is if you update from a previous OS. XP SP 2 didn't require a credit card for XP users, neither will this one.

C'mon guys, this is common sense stuff.

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Shiranui    1,835

What am I supposed to be seeing here? The square Desktop tile?



Found on BA so could be shopped, although can't see any tell tale signs

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Chris123NT    361

^ I can, 9375 should not be fbl_partner_out14, that was the lab for 9369 and they've been incrementing the number after out with each new partner release.

It also says Windows 8.1 Pro where it should say Windows 8.1 Pro Preview.

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