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Drop Down Nav Problem

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kman1985    0

heres my site....

in the navigation menu. When you hover over the links the drop down works, but as you see all the other links still stay in front of that container. I can't figure out what's wrong, I tried messing with z-index and everything. If someone could help me out. That would be great. Thanks in advanced.

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primexx    372

your css is really messed up on that. I did manage to get it to show up on top in Firebug but I had to change a whole bunch of stuff to do it. I would suggest that you take a look at a tutorial for a simple drop down, get the basic function working, then build up from there.

here's a sample

2.css (372 B)!AJ8nUIra!UT3w0wj50dxM3cpOuwAOHRJW9kp8N-OFFxkKb7C9l-4

1.html (2 KB)!AY9z0KLQ!SCAM4wx8kLETe73l2DaZoQLpdlY4hA5tL473v9D6Z9o

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