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Networking, AD, Server 2008, Security and more noob questions

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Bigdogn00b    0

First, thank you in advance for any input you provide regarding my questions.

I'm installing a new server at my business. I have has six users using a proprietary software that have individual logins and passwords associated to the software. I have been been running a peer-to-peer internal network but want to increase speed on the network.

I purchased a small Dell server at the recommendation of the software vendor running MS Server 2008.

I have six workstations that vary from older desktop PC's running XP and a couple of newer laptops using Windows 7 and Windows 8.

I only plan to run the proprietary software and have users connect to the internet as needed (which is not often).


Since each user currently has their own username on password on the proprietary software do I need to install Active Directory on the server? The most users I would ever have is six. I want to keep the setup easy as I don't have much experience (or time) with server management.

Each user has additional software on their individual workstation that they will use.

My thought is to NOT install AD and just share the propriatary software folder on the server.

My setup is ATT DSL (with four ports) to a Netgear Pro Safe switch with 8 ports. I'm planning conntect my server, internet and six users to the switch.

Within the ATT modem router settings I was going to limit access using the MAC address of each machine.

I currently am using OPEN DNS on each workstation and AVIRA Free Antivirus

I have been using for backup, but a friend of mine suggested that I also do a physical backup on the server. (His reasoning was that having a secondary rotating physical backup is cheap insurance.)

Thoughts, comments and suggestions? Are there any 'sharks' in the water for my setup?

Thanks again.


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sc302    1,456

Ad will add install headache if you have never done it before.

It will add a central db for users and passwords as well as add uniformity with mappings and printers.

I would suggest that you allow whom ever made the recommendation to follow through with the install if you have gone through with purchasing the software and hardware.

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Jason S.    1,288

in your limited situation, i would not recommend trying to setup AD. i guess im confused what the server is going to be used for, though.

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InsaneNutter    980

I would look in to Windows Server 2012 Essentials, that would suit your requirements perfectly.

I personally think its ideal for a small / growing business, the domain / active directory would be set-up out the box, you also get a nice console making it very easy to manage the network. You of course have all the advanced options available to you if you wish to explore at a later date.

Have a look here to find out a bit more: http://winsupersite....sentials-144448

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+BudMan    2,998

"but want to increase speed on the network."

What switch do you have, is it 10/100/1000 - what network cards do the PCs have and the server that you bought?

If your desire is to "speed" up the network - AD does not come into play for that, what you describe wanting has nothing to do with setting up a active directory domain.

If you want faster network speed and or access to program being shared off your "server" then you will want yes a better box sharing it. So a low end server might be a good choice. Or just a good desktop would work too.

I would assume you would want to run gig as your wired network, could not tell if your going to be using wireless to access anything - not sure what you mac filtering is going to accomplish other than headache in your admin of the network. Mac filtering is not a security measure - control sure, but what do you expect that to do for you? Its not going to "speed" up you network in any way shape or form.

Can you post the model number of the switch your wanting to use - and we can see if its capable of gig. And then your going to want all your PCs to support gig. And if doing wireless your going to want N for the router/accesspoint and clients that will be wireless to support N as well.

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