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'Easter' banned by elementary school principal

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astropheed    1,752

. . .

No one here will take anything you say seriously after having just one quick glance at your signature. I admit, I don't either. You embody a level of insecurity that excalpius is directly associating with his ideals. Which, suffice to say, appear irrational and immature.

This is just my opinion. Relax. If you want to be taken more seriously perhaps you should modify your signature.

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nub    181

You are going to have a hard time saying that Jesus didn't exist. Most intelligent people know that he existed and was walking on this planet.

Proof Surrogate

Life cannot exist without fine tuning, it is impossible.

How is it impossible?

Anyone with common sense knows that the Universe can't create something without nothing and can't create nothing into a plan of something.

Again, Proof Surrogate and all you've done is push the creation on to god. Can god create himself from nothing?

Again wrong. Evolution isn't magic. DNA isn't magic. The Tree of Life isn't magic. It has been designed from an intelligence that created the tree of life and DNA as a database to create life. It's reusing cells and DNA just like a programmer would to reuse code.

Who's implying anything magic happening? If anything magical is happening it would involve the supernatural, e.g god(s).

However, trying to find out what happened from 4.54 billion years ago is an impossible task because of time and how things have drastically changed.

So man should stop his search for knowledge because its difficult?

You are dumb. You make huge assumptions about my parents which you are wrong. You couldn't get any more wrong. I mean stop you are embarrassing yourself.

Ad Hominem

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Yusuf M.    1,350

Wanna know what happens when threads get derailed with debates about religion? They get closed.

Also, here's the official religion thread:


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