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iPhones most 'vulnerable' among smartphones

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Guest seanseany   

Just found a rather interesting article over at ZDNet ,I'm sure this will be refuted as drivel but I will post it none the less.

More software vulnerabilities exist in iOS compared to the other operating systems, and a SourceFire executive said this is due to the iPhone's popularity, and Apple's strictly controlled app store which drives cybercriminals to find vulnerabilities in the operating system instead.

According to SourceFire's "25 Years of Vulnerabilities" study released in early March, which analyzed vulnerabilities from the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) data and National Vulnerability Database (NVD), the majority of mobile phone vulnerabilities have been found in Apple's iPhone. The database provides 25 years of information on vulnerabilities to assess, spanning from 1988.

210 vulnerabilities were found in Apple's smartphone, giving iOS 81 percent of the mobile phone vulnerability market share. This is more than the total number of vulnerabilities in Android-based, Windows-based and BlackBerry-based smartphones combined, at 19 percent.

210 vulnerabilities are listed here for your viewing pleasure.

Seems the Full signal is agreeing as well.

The iPhone seems to be more popular amongst consumers even though Android has a larger total user base, which may explain why Apple is more likely to be the target of attacks and loophole discoveries. Android, on the other hand, already makes it pretty easy for hackers to introduce malware into the open Android Market, and that gives them less incentive to find vulnerabilities compared with Apple.

I'm sure many will disagree completely and its not April first yet either .......

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Javik    3,977

Given how easy it has been to exploit OSX over the years this wouldn't really shock me all that much.

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People still don't get the concept that there is only 1 iPhone, but there are a million different phones with Android on them.

But yeah, iPhones are fairly popular, so it does make sense that people would try to find vulnerabilities to exploit them.

Personally I think the iPhone craze is going to die down quick anyways. They're getting surpassed by too many other phones nowadays.

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