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Excel from VB Question

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crashbeta    0

HI all ,

I've been working on this for a while now and Obviously i'm probably missing something really easy ,

i'm trying to get data to goto excel from my VB 6 app , now the requirements i want my program to perform are

i do not want to see excel open i just want my app to write to the excel file in C:\Data\excel-data.xls

if i re-run my app i do not want it to tell me that it already Exists, Just write to the excel file and save it to the same location by same filename C:\Data\excel-data.xls

each day my app runs it puts data on separate rows by the day of the month " already have this done"

here is my simple VB code to write to excel, if anyone can help me out would be great !!

'Here is the Simple Program from Me

'To Send the Data from Vb To Microsoft Excel

Dim BangXl As Excel.Application

Private Sub Command1_Click()


BangXl.Range(Text1.Text).Value = Text2.Text

BangXl.Visible = True

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()

Set BangXl = CreateObject("excel.application")

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)


End Sub

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CG-88    150

Private Sub Command1_Click()

???Dim xlApp As Excel.Application

???Dim wrkbk As Workbook

???Dim wrksht As Worksheet

???Dim var As Variant

???Set xlApp = New Excel.Application

???Set wrkbk = xlApp.Workbooks.Open("PATH TO YOUR EXCEL FILE")

Wrkbk.visible = false

???Set wrksht = wrkbk.Worksheets("Sheet1") 'Specify your worksheet name

???var = wrksht.cells(a1).value

Var = 'vba userform control data



???Set wrksht = Nothing

???Set wrkbk = Nothing

???Set xlApp = Nothing

End Sub

Or you could write your data to a textile and then have the txtfile loaded into your excel document as a datasource and refresh the connection on workbook load which would be my preference to be honest.

I have a method for work I implemented which does just this for reporting purposes.

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