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Hum    6,928

Plus if the woman was from the future then she wouldn't have been able to use the phone unless she wants to alter history in someway.

I do think it could have exisited, but it is likley a prototype that was simply ahead of its time so it was shelved.  Plus take into account that the world was still in the great depression at the time, no one would have been able to afford one.


There are two basic reasons to Time Travel:


1. To observe events


2. To change history in some way  ;)



And, there have always been some rich people, able to afford new, expensive gadgets.

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redvamp128    321

I think like others have posted that this is a hearing aid.(1920's) 

The ones posted below-- people might say are Phones as they were sometimes refereed to as, 1920 - anyone ever hear of a gramophone 




People sometimes refereed to anything dealing with hearing to equate to a phone .

I can remember my Great Grandmother saying that she needed batteries for her phones (which she meant hearing aids) and she lived during the 1920's. 

What we would call a phone (telephone) she would call a switchboard.  

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