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6-Year-Old Drumming Prodigy a YouTube Hit

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A set of toy drums in the hands of a toddler would lead most parents to grab some Tylenol or eventually hide the drums to end the noise.

For Ed and Elizabeth Molek of Washington, Pennsylvania, it led them to turning their 6-year-old son, Avery Molek, a drumming prodigy, into a YouTube star with his own tour schedule.

"When he was 2 we did what every parent does, you go to Toys R' Us and buy your child an instrument," Ed Molek told "We bought him drums and a guitar and he gravitated to the drums."

"It wasn't long before he started getting the feel of the beats of songs and then he just kept progressing," he said. "Just before he turned 4, he played "Mississippi Queen" almost perfectly. I asked him how and he said, 'Just by listening to it.'"

The Moleks, who have no musical background, responded to their only child's natural talent by enrolling him in weekly 30-minute lessons with a local drum teacher at the age of 4.

Ed Molek also began videotaping his son, not with the intention to make Avery famous, but just as a way to get him to finish songs.


as a way to share Avery's talent with family



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That little dude is awesome.

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