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HexChat 2.9.5 released

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+Frank B.    7,104

What's new in HexChat 2.9.5:

  • fix Checksum plugin with DCC download directory set
  • fix false positives with Update Checker
  • fix sound directory option on Unix
  • fix loading custom icons
  • fix tray icon not reappearing if the tray crashes
  • fix restoring maximized windows from tray
  • fix /QUERY -nofocus
  • fix reconnecting to channels with keys
  • fix compilation on FreeBSD
  • fix showing the join dialog when autojoining channels
  • fix Plugin-Tray menu not closing on Windows
  • fix close dialog minimizing to tray before selection
  • fix Python plugin compilation on Ubuntu 13.04
  • fix Theme Manager crashing with read-only files
  • fix channel tree indentation without server tab or with icons
  • add auto-away support to Plugin-Tray
  • add Plugin-Tray option to disable blinking
  • add option to always show notices on current tab
  • add support for notification filtering in GNOME 3.8
  • add support for channel keys in URLs
  • add option to color nicks in the user list the same way as in the chat area
  • add ability to automatically switch to last activity on change-page hotkey
  • add ability to save divider position between combined user list and channel tree
  • add global real name option to Preferences
  • add Safe Mode shortcut to the Start Menu group on Windows
  • add helpful links to the setup wizard on Windows
  • make the source tree compliant with Debian policies
  • install SVG icon on Unix
  • enable Plugin-Tray menu on Windows
  • enable IPv6 by default on Unix
  • show /WHOIS response on current tab by default
  • redesign the Ban List window to show invites, bans, exemptions and quiets
  • make user list icons slightly smaller
  • close all utility windows with the Esc key
  • improve URL and username detection in the chat area
  • make /JOIN focus the existing channel if already joined
  • change default DCC download directory to ~/Downloads on Unix
  • allow Plugins and Scripts utility to be opened in a tab
  • only beep when the HexChat window is not active
  • use the certs subfolder of the config folder for loading custom certificates
  • disable tray icon when using Unity
  • remove Lua and Tcl
  • remove HexTray in favor of built-in Plugin-Tray
  • remove installer theming on Windows
  • cease support for Perl 5.12 and 5.14 on Windows
  • rebuild every dependency with Visual C++ on Windows
  • stop using the WDK on Windows and depend on the Visual C++ Redistributable
  • update GTK+ to 2.24 on Windows
  • update default text events
  • update translations
  • update the network list

Please note: HexChat 2.9.5 will only work on Windows Vista and higher. Those of you still using Windows XP will have to stick to version 2.9.4.

Link: HexChat website


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bviktor    2

Is there any chance HexChat makes it into the Software news section on the main site?

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