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Shroud of the Avatar kickstarter pledge drive winding down & fan video

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redfish    390

There are a couple of days left for them to meat their pledge goals, so they've asked fans to make some fan videos promoting the game and are giving perks in the game for the top YouTube videos:

At any rate, I put something up that will bring back nostalgia for old Ultima players:

I took the video in DOSBox, then I made a bitfont matching the original in-game interface font, then I edited the video for the fakeout to make LB give his premonition of future adventures.

I was nostalgic about the old Ultima games, especially Ultima V, where you had to set up camp, eat and sleep, and set a guard for the camp to wake you if you were ambushed. If you chose a bard to watch the camp, he played a tune before you went to bed. Once in a while Lord British would appear as an apparition to tell you you were on the right or wrong path, and also to raise your level and stats.

I'm pushing on the forums for camping and wilderness adventure to return in a big way in the new Ultima game. They eventually minimized it, because after the bad experience in Ultima VII with the hunger system, they eventually took out requirements for food and sleep. Also, as the size of towns grew and they moved to a mono-scale map, the wilderness shrank, and adventuring in the wilderness became less important. So much was taken out of the game though when they removed this. Most adventures are supposed to happen on your travel to where your going, and not where you intend on going.

I played this game, Ultima V, with my brother when we were 8 years old; we took turns with one of us playing and the other watching.

I'd appreciate if people here can Like the video on YouTube! That's partly how they're picking the winner I'm told.

Tell me if the text goes by too fast.

And of course, anyone else, go lo look at the rules and if you want, upload a video yourself, and post it in this thread.

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