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Lumia 920 proximity sensor/screen blacking out fixed with latest update

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duddit2    194

Hi all,

My lumia 920 got a new update today which fixed an issue I have been having for weeks (along with plenty of others see here), basically dust gets in through the top speaker and messes with the proximity sensor, so when you make a call the screen blacks out instantly because the phone thinks you have it next to your ear.

The new update sorted this out for me, the build is

OS: 8.0.10211.204

FW: 1232.5957.1308.0020

I'm on EE in the UK and the updates seem to be being pushed out pretty fast, so I'm pretty happy :)

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BajiRav    2,137

This latest update has screwed up Wifi on my 920 (AT&T, 1308.0001). It can no longer remember wifi settings at work and I have to enter them everyday.

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