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Nashy    1,359

Is it posible to use gmail for my own domain, and still have the website function on my server?

I've Googled to no end and can't find dumbed down instructions to do it.

I have access to everything I need to do whatever needs to be done, but can't find exactly what to do.

Cheers in advance.

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ShadowMajestic    91

Yes you can. However if im not mistaken its not free anymore. (for a while, might've changed in the mean time)

More info here:!topic/gmail/tEaJstfhzeI

Personally I use Microsoft Live Domains, a free service for up to 100 email addresses per domain.

The service is neglected though and I've found that the last year the Live Domains admin page was unreachable several times.

But the account you use is a full Microsoft account (including XBL, Windows (Phone) 8 etc) and will work flawlessly.

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