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Just re-installed xp over the old xp install.

The installer wanted to create me a new account (an admin acct), and i still had my old one left.

Not knowing wether the installer would overwrite my profile if i didn't name it differently, i decided to name it something else.

Now to the problem..

When i log in in normal mode, i can only log in with the new acct. (eg. not using my old profile), but i can clearly see the old one listed as an admin acct in the user manager.

If i log in in safe-mode, i get my old profile etc, but i can't delete the new one for some reason.

(And if there's only an admin acct & a guest acct, i'm supposed to be able to log in with the old account without going to failsafe mode)..

Ideas on how to get rid of the new acct? :)

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