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Upgrading to Windows XP

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stubear    0

I've been dual booting Windows 2000 and Windows XP for about two months now. I love Windows XP and am very tempted to just go ahead and upgrade my Windows 2000 partition to XP. Two things stop me.

First of all I seem to have some unknown process or service frequently accessingmy hadrdrive. Moving the mouse seems to cause it to stop for a little while.

The second thing that stops me is lack of anecdotal evidence that Windows 2000 upgrades cleanly to Windows XP. All the rhetoric about "it's better to do a clean install" aside, I'd prefer an upgrade to having to reinstall all my applications. Anyone had success doing this?

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Redmak    356

I didn't have any problems upgrading. I do have the disk access 'problem' in XP

I double boot between XP and win2k as well and I'm going to keep it that way for a while. (reinstalled win2k after upgrading my old win2k to XP)

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