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I think to solve this problem and to make more money, they need to charge less for their games.

I refuse to buy their games (I don't pirate them either) as I'd rather wait till they come out 'cheaper' (by at least half the price) because I think they are pathetic with their pricing!

Console games are the worst!!! I have no idea how people manage or are willing to pay those prices!

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I've been saying this ever since Activision forced the PC market to $60 for AAA titles.

For $60 I can buy 4-6 quality indie games that give me dozens of hours more enjoyment, sometimes even higher quality enjoyment.

I do not buy anything for over $50 anymore; hell I can barely even afford $40 titles as it is.

The last full price game I bought was Guild Wars 2.. which was a pre-purchase months before release. Turns out there were $15 discounts within a month of release. Provided multiple cases of this to ArenaNet and the only thing they were willing to do was terminate my account and refund me in full instead of just credit me $15 or give me a free upgrade to the deluxe edition.

I ended up quitting the game a week in because I was absolutely sick of the launch issues.

That has been eating at me ever since. I don't have this kind of money to waste.

Other than that.. Starcraft 2 for $40, Dark Souls for $32.50 and SC2:HotS for $30 (+tax because lol newegg).

Yeah, those are the only games I've paid more than $15 for in the last few years. I picked up Diablo 3 for $10. *wink*

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