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WinPatrol vv28.1.2013 Released

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WinPatrol allows you to get a better understanding of what programs are being added to your computer. It monitors important system areas that are commonly altered by many malicious programs. This includes the startup groups (registry and startup folder), cookies and active tasks. You can terminate processes and enable or disable startup programs. The cookie monitoring option allows you to automatically delete cookies based on a keyword found in the cookie name. Additional features include a WHOIS lookup tool and an option to alert you on changes. WinPatrol is easy to understand, yet quiet powerful.

As a robust SECURITY MONITOR , WinPatrol will alert you to hijackings, malware attacks and critical changes made to your computer without your permission. WinPatrol PLUS includes our unique R.I.D. technology. As a MULTI PURPOSE SUPPORT UTILITY WinPatrol replaces multiple system utilities with its enhanced functionality.

WinPatrol vv28.1.2013 Released

Date: April 26th 2013

This update provides enhancements and fixes to version 28.

? Allows WinPatrol to start for current user or all users.

? Reduced monitoring during all sleep states to save battery usage.

? Fixed Reset function to remove duplicate Scotty icons.

? Fixed Reset function to remove duplicate Uninstall entries.

? Speeds up real-time detection.

? Fixed bug in system tray icon behavior that could have produce unknown results.

? Improved handling of repeating changes made by partner programs.

? Fixed "Automatically Run WinPatrol..." option so it doesn't always launch on boot

WinPatrol runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, including x64 versions,

and can be installed directly over your current WinPatrol.

There is no need to remove your previous version or reactivate WinPatrol PLUS

uploader.gifMore Info l Download: WinPatrol 2013

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I'd rather use Malwarebytes than this thing.

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