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Facebook's GraphSearch Feature shortly reviewed

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papalakaka    0

With Facebook GraphSearch the social network is providing a powerful search feature, which allows you to search for people, places, music, games and everything. GraphSearch is really intelligent and even lets you search for people with common interests. For example you could simply "People who like WParea" or "People who like WParea and Windows Phone" and you will get a list of all these people providing you with all the information they have provided publicly.

This also brings some privacy concerns with it, because everyone will be allowed to use GraphSearch and abused by certain people. Consider to hide some information that is currently public on your profile so you won't be seen on GraphSearch.

I have recently noticed some change to my profile and thought I'd just make a review of it. As it is with all changes to Facebook that cut my privacy, I am not a real fan of it, though it might be useful for some people. Hope you like my video :-)

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