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Dust 514 officially launches May 14th for PS3

by John Callaham


After years of development and months of beta testing, developer CCP Games is ready to launch its long awaited free-to-play sci-fi shooter Dust 514. This weekend, the developer announced that the game would officially launch the game for Sony's PlayStation 3 console on May 14th.

The announcement was made as part of CCP Games' annual  EVE FanFest this weekend and is a big gamble for both CCP Games and for Sony's PS3. This is by far the most ambitious free-to-play game that's ever been attempted for a game console, a genre that has had a number of successes for the PC platform. Dust 514 will feature team based battles of up to 32 players in matches that will take place in a persistent universe, with tons of weapons to choose from, along with a number of land and air vehicles. Players can purchase new items and more via micro-transactions.

The game also links to the PC-based space MMO EVE Online as players in that game can be asked by Dust 514 teams to fire at enemy forces from their spaceships. CCP plans to update Dust 514 with new content for years to come.

CCP had a number of EVE Online-related announcements at its FanFast this weekend, including word that an EVE Online television series is being developed with film director Baltasar Kormákur, who directed 2012's Contraband and will have his next film, 2 Guns, released this August.

Source: CCP Games | Image via CCP Games

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