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Perfect Dark soundtrack now available on Bandcamp, name your price

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compl3x    6,257


Composer Grant Kirkhope continues to share his amazing songs from the golden era of Rare. This time it's the Perfect Dark soundtrack, which you can download at whatever price you want, or stream for free on Grant's Bandcamp page.

I loved Perfect Dark back on the Nintendo 64, playing it for hours upon hours. And just like theBanjo soundtracks that Grant released, you can relive your nostalgia feelings with Perfect Darksince it's available on the Xbox 360. Just don't make the gross mistake of getting Perfect Dark Zero. Stay a billion miles away from that one.


If you want to get it for free, click "buy now" and enter "0" into the amount box. Proceed to choose format and download.

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petroid    5

Alien Conflict, woooo! The only song I had set when playing multiplayer (Lobby, of course!)

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