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The header philosophy..

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Cosmin    23

Hy. I'm not so good on programming(css/html) as my main role is related to graphics but I wish to integrate such header on a website.. our main problem is related to size-compatibility tricks which I wish to understand :

- The header size is constant.. how will react on different resolutions/maximize-minimize browser? Zone A & C will enlarge/compress or?

- Which the best way to do this job without losing quality?



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TheLegendOfMart    1,558

could you not fade the left and right edges of A and C respectively and have a solid colour in the background of the header DIV which has width 100% and has text-align center so no matter how wide the monitor is they will just have solid colour and the header is preserved in the middle?

Had to do it with just B because of the orange text on A and C


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the better twin    361

background-position:center, center;

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