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"Network cable unplugged"




I'm having problems with my internet connection. I have 5 computers connected to a router (Sitecom dc-202) which is connected to my cable modem (Thomson TCM390), which in turn connects to the net. Because the router only has 4 slots for computers, two of the computers (but not mine) are behind a hub, which is then connected to the router.

At first everything seemed to be working ok, but a day or two after adding the fifth computer (previously there were 4), I started getting 'network cable unplugged' messages which pop up randomly and disappear in a second or two on my Compaq Presario 17xl469 laptop. It seems that I lose the connection for a short time, and then I'm back online. One other user is also reporting some problems (slow connection etc.) but not the same message as I get. However he is using ME and not XP as I am, so maybe the OS deals with the issue differently.

The NIC (Compaq 10_100 miniPCI) and the cable are ok, as I get no problems when I connect my laptop directly to the modem and bypass the router. The router itself sometimes warned of some sort of errors (the error light went on), but I don't know what it was about. However after upgrading the firmware the router hasn't reported of any more errors, but I still get the 'network cable unplugged' warning.

Any idea what might be wrong? Packet collisions? Somebody taking up all the bandwidth?

The connection is a cable connection with a speed of 3000Kbps/384Kbps.

- Ozz

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Ok, I switched the connection type from 100Base-Tx Full duplex to 10Base-T and I get much less disconnections, but still do get them. Maybe there is something there?

Granted, the connection seems a bit slower now...

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