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Comet ISON Stars in Mother's Day Webcast Today

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An incoming comet that some scientists say could potentially become the "comet of the century" later this year has captivated skywatchers around the world, and you can see live views of the comet today (May 12) in a Mother's Day webcast.

Comet ISON, first discovered in September 2012, is expected to be at its best and brightest in late November, but the online skywatching website Slooh Space Camera will offer live views of the comet in a 30-minute webcast beginning at 5 p.m. EDT (2100 GMT).

You can watch the Mother's Day Comet ISON webcast live on, courtesy of Slooh Space Camera.

Comet ISON has scientists buzzing because it could become one of the brightest comets in decades when it swings close by the sun on Nov. 28. During that close encounter, the comet will be just 730,000 miles (1.2 million km) from the sun's surface.



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I hope it lives up to our expectations. I hope it's gonna be something to see.

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