How to sync Gmail contacts with WP8

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Steven P.    17,449

This worked for me:

Email accounts > Create account > advanced setup

Username: <email address>

Domain: or google


SSL: enabled

We here at Neowin use Gmail for domains (which should still sync, but doesn't) maybe it was removed because we're on the free version (under 50 email accounts).

Try it, because setting up as a Google account didn't work for me. It synced to Google, but didn't sync from Gmail contacts to WP8.

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+Ely    218

Good tip for those who need this, thanks Neobond.

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Geoffrey B.    1,415

Awesome, I was going to start looking for how to do this next week or so, as I plan on getting the Nokia Lumia 928 Next week.

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MikeChipshop    3,458

Isn't this part of the getting started run time when you first start the phone? If not, i'm confused. Mine's always synced my Gmail contacts.

Nether the less, great guide. Cheers mate.

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Steven P.    17,449

Isn't this part of the getting started run time when you first start the phone? If not, i'm confused. Mine's always synced my Gmail contacts.

Nether the less, great guide. Cheers mate.

No problem (Y)

But to answer your question, yeah it did sync contacts both ways but that is being shut off between Jan 31 and July 31st if you set it up as a Google Account. I discovered mine was already disabled, because I could update contacts on my phone and they were saved in Gmail contacts, but when I edited most of my contacts today in Gmail (because of the country flags being set wrong for most numbers) it refused to sync to WP8 when manually syncing.

I did what is in the OP and now it works :)

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MikeChipshop    3,458

Right, better bookmark this then! :p

Not had an issue so far, but if it's on the horizon...

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Steven P.    17,449

Microsoft will be rolling out CalDAV and CardDAV protocols to compensate but that will probably be with GDR2 (sometime in June) or after July 31st or thereabouts. So in the end it will start syncing again if you do nothing.

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