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Does your Ipod Touch 4g occasionally start some songs in the middle?

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DaDude    37

I bought an Ipod Touch 4g a month ago and I notice that occasionally, when playing a full album with no interrputions, it starts a song in the middle rather than starting in the beginning. Like one song will play fully, then the next song plays fully, then the next song plays fully and then when the next song plays, it just starts playing somewhere in the middle of it. Most of the time, everything plays fine. But there are occasions where this strange issue occurs.

I checked the info on the songs in my ITunes and the ""Remember playback position" option is unchecked. But even if it was, these songs that randomly play in the middle are not playing where it left off. It just plays in any random spot in the middle of the song. I have the latest software for my Ipod.

Does this happen with anyone else's Ipod Touch 4g?

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