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Gran Turismo 5 Environment Gripe

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Atomic Wanderer Chicken    1,585

The one thing I always disliked about Gran Turismo 5 was the environment which is really is one of many gripes. I recall right after playing Gran Turismo 5, how dead the environment seemed. The first thing is, the sky seems like a pre rendering with little effects. I remember in GT3, it had a nice sun effect and some others. The second thing in GT5 is the water (if you noticed) is completely still. Third, the grass and land seem stretched out. There are time changes in gt5 and snow tracks but they arent that impressive. I wish Polyphony can add some real time effects in the future like moving water (autumn ring, etc), birds and airplanes flying, the gt3 sun effect, and wind. Speaking of dead, I also want a smarter and more alive AI!

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