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CastleStorm storms the Xbox 360 on May 29th

by John Callaham

A year ago, developer Zen Studios, best known for their Zen Pinball games, announced CastleStorm, a new take on the tower defense genre. This week, the company announced that CastleStorm would finally be released, at least on one platform, next week.

The company's blog site reveals that the game will launch as an Xbox Live Arcade game for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console on May 29th. The game was also announced as coming for Windows 8 as well, and a Zen Studios rep told Neowin that the game is still being developed for that OS but that no specific launch date has been announced.

CastleStorm gives players  ways to defend their castle against a horde of attacking foes with various defenses (including flinging some sheep at the enemy) as well as deploying units such as swordsmen, knights, axe throwers and more. The game also allows players to design and build their own castle.

There are two sides to pick in CastleStorm; the Knights or the Vikings. Each level in the game will also have its own objectives, such as merely destroying an enemy's castle to capturing the flag and more. CastleStorm will also have multiplayer support, including a one-on-one split-screen mode, along with two styles of co-op modes, each with two players fighting off waves of enemies.

Source: Zen Studios

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