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Xbox One Requires Daily Internet Connection

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I thought my response precluded the need to answer it explicitly but, for the sake of clarity, I don't see any problem with somebody else watching you play a game - afterall, the person playing the game has the licence to do so and if anything it is entirely like to make that person want to buy the game. Gaming is an interactive medium, so the experience of simply watching a game is very different to actually playing it.

You're not purchasing the "entertainment factor", you're purchasing a licence from the copyright holder to play the game and that doesn't preclude other people from watching you. That they amount to the same thing is irrelevant.

It's not that I disagree with you but I don't really want to get into a discussion about piracy as that's a very different issue.

I don't think that's a fair characterisation. It's perfectly reasonable for publishers to want to restrict second-hand sales as they undermine primary sales and prevent money from going to the developers. But in order to restrict second-hand sales you have to add value to the experience, which is why the X1 won't require you to use the game disc and will allow you to download games on other consoles when you login to your account. Microsoft has also said it will allow customers to trade-in and resell games, so that will make it a much more flexible system than Steam.

Potentially the X1's trading system will make reselling games even more common than it is now if it can all be achieved over the internet, while at the same time compensating the developers. That to me is an ideal outcome.

Second hand sales have never hurt any other industry, and the gaming industry is still making huge profits. don't buy into the lies told by those who just want even more money.

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