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Truck driver saves a life

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STILLWATER, Minn. (WCCO) ? Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Truck driver Scott Rosenberg was headed to a job on Manning Trail North in Stillwater when he spotted a vehicle upside down in a pond.

He and two others pulled over and jumped into action.

?I knew I had a piece of equipment that could help,? Rosenberg said. ?I think I just did what most people would do ? to stop and help if they had the ability to.?

Nate Anderson was on his way to Century College where he is going to school to be an auto mechanic.

The Washington County Sheriff?s Office said Nate fell asleep at the wheel when he hit a mailbox, then a driveway and ended up in a pond upside down.

?It can pick up 10,000 pounds, so I knew it could handle a vehicle easy enough,? Rosenberg said about his truck, which is used to haul concrete pipe.

But Anderson had been in the water for about five minutes, and didn?t move at first.

?Right at that time, my heart just sank,? Rosenberg said.

Then they heard Rosenberg groan, and rescue crews were able to get him to Regions Hospital.

Anderson spent four days there with a broken vertebrae and severed tendons in his hand, but he?ll be OK.

?What are the odds being in the right place at the right time with the trailer like this that would be able to flip it over,? Rosenberg said. ?So I guess it was meant to be.?

The Washington County Sheriff?s office doesn?t know if Anderson would have survived without the help of Rosenberg and his truck, so Rosenberg?s being nominated for a life saver award.

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That's the stuff heroes are made of. They just do what has to be done.

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