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Curiosity winner gets to be a "god" in Godus

by John Callaham

22cans, the game development studio formed in 2012 by well known game designer Peter Molyneux, launched its first game, Curiosity, for iOS and Android devices, later that year. The goal was to have lots of people working to remove the 25 billion digital blocks in a virtual cube, with one person getting to the center of said cube, where a big surprise awaited them.

This weekend, that achievement was reached and the winner and his prize was revealed. Wired reports that the lucky person to destroy the final cube is 18 year old Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh, Scotland. He admits that he only registered to play Curiosity an hour before he reached the final cube. Before he started, the game had four million players and tens of thousands of concurrent users.

So what does Henderson win for his one hour of play? As explained

, featuring a tiny Molyneux, Henderson will be the ultimate "god" in 22cans' next game Godus, a spiritual successor to previous games from Molyneux such as Populus and Black and White.

Godus lets players be a god over a group of followers. Henderson will basically be the god above those players with 22cans allowing him to put in his rules and morals into Godus. That would be a cool prize by itself, but Henderson will also get a real world reward for his win. Molyneux states that every time a person spends some money on Godus, Henderson "will get a small piece of that pie."

If Godus turns out to be a popular game, that "small piece" could be a big deal for Henderson. Exact details on how this will work have yet to be revealed. As far as Godus itself, it will be launched for PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms later in 2013.

Source: Wired

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