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Asus rt-66u router and dd-wrt

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Gallardof10    0

2_ I have a ASUS RT66U Router that was listed under the supported routers but it had 2 different firmware downloads, so I installed this one first dd-wrt.v24-18702_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini_RT-N66U.trx but after I installed it my router rebooted with an IP address that I cannot access, which is 172.x.x.x instead of the default so now I am locked out the of router and unable to install the second firmware listed on the site which is dd-wrt.v24-18702_NEWD-2_K2.6_big_RT-N66U.trx

Can you help me recover the access to the router, have you seen this happened before?

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Roger H.    773

I guess do a 30/30/30 or if not then do the Asus recovery thing. The default should be the so if you can't ping that or access it via telnet then seems something didn't flash right.

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Tha Bloo Monkee    591

Have you looked at the wiki for your router:

Did you read all the warnings, such as this:

9-Apr-2013: It seems more recently manufactured units come pre-loaded with the 64K v1.0.1.3 CFE and so are not compatible with standard DD-WRT builds. Flashing a standard DD-WRT build on these devices will result in a brick. As it is impossible to know which CFE version you unit has when running the stock firmware, anyone wishing to flash DD-WRT on this device is advised to follow this guide:

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Neztea    12

Dude, I hate to say it, But I think you just bricked your router.

Ran into the same problem with it by following the ddwrt wiki. Unfortunately it wasn't updated and much has changed in the scene.

You should of followed this guide

http://www.perkussio...e-asus-rt-n66u/ or

This would of taken into account the CFE, if it is then you are gravy, but if you are, then you needed to update it.

If you had just got them recently, then I would recommend returning it and saying that the unit malfunctioned.

If you can't, then you would need to basically unbrick it


I hope that this will help : (



This forum post may help you, there are also people such as Tornado, barryware, and Dark_Shadow who will unbrick it for you if you cannot get it working for a small fee I would assume


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