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Chrome new tabs freezing

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Denis W.    723

Recently Chrome would indefinitely hang on loading a new tab on startup, but only under two conditions:

- if Chrome was opened by an app (but not through typing a URL via Windows 8's search)

- if Chrome is opened in Metro mode

The "New tab" stays open until Chrome detects the tab is stuck and offers to wait or kill it, though killing the tab does nothing. The internal Chrome pages - options, history, flags, etc. - all will not load either. Any new tabs opened are also stuck.

The only solution to this is to shut down and restart Chrome via the taskbar. Even then, Chrome will flat out refuse to work in Metro.

Would be interested to see if others ran into the same problem. This doesn't happen on my desktop. I've also tried a clean uninstall of the dev build and reinstalling the beta build but to no avail.

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Explore    2

I ran into this issue too but on Windows 7. Except, it just randomly freezes at a random time. Everything would not respond. Opening up new tabs, or just about anything would not load. 

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