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Website review(short) - Earbits Radio

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IntegralDerivative    60

You lot may have heard of Spotify, Pandora, Google Access and the like, right? But the main problem plauging these services is the region restriction, mainly caused by the record companies.

Then come Earbits Radio - a similar streaming website available worldwide


Just pick a "main genre" (Lets say 'Pop') and pick a "subgenre" (Lets say 'Rock Pop') and you're set to go.

Quality of songs

Earbits mostly focuses on startup artists like Pink Thunder or Secret Lie rther than the popular ones, but i must say that the songs are good and some are even danceable. Luckily, I have seen no swear words so far, meaning it's perfect for all ages.

Website design

The website definitely impressed me the first time I opened it, My expectations were high, and alas, it delivered :D


Overall score: 9.9/10



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