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EVE Online and Dust 514 servers back online

by John Callaham


For most of Sunday and much of today, the Tranquility server cluster that CCP Games uses for its PC MMO EVE Online and the PS3 first person shooter Dust 514 was shut down while the developer looked for the cause of a denial of service attack. Earlier today, the server cluster finally went back online for both games.

In a post on the EVE Online website, CCP Games stated they have now found the issue that was the root cause of the denial of service attack. It states:

What we can now confirm is that a person was able to utilize a vulnerability in one of the back-end services that support the operation of the Tranquility server. This vulnerability has now been secured and thoroughly tested. We would like to stress that at no time was customer data compromised or accessible in any way.

CCP Games added that they will continue to monitor the server situation in the next several hours to make sure that everything is back up and running again smoothly. For those of you who were not happy that you could not play EVE Online or Dust 514 on Sunday and much of Monday, CCP Games says they are working on plans to compensate gamers for the lengthy downtime.

Source: EVE Online | Image via CCP Games

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