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Company of Heroes 2 goes gold; open beta launched

by John Callaham


Developer Relic Entertainment was lucky. The Vancouver-based studio was in the middle of working on its long awaited WWII RTS sequel Company of Heroes 2 when its owner and publisher THQ went bankrupt. Thankfully, Sega stepped in to purchase Relic and allowed the team to continue to make the game.

This week, Relic and Sega announced that Company of Heroes 2 has gone gold and will officially be released on June 26th. Even better news is that anyone can download and play the open beta version of the game via Steam for free from now until June 18th.

In a post on the game's official message board, producer Greg Wilson stated:

We've added new match-making servers, implemented a significant amount of Closed Beta feedback and fixed more bugs, compatibility and performance issues than I can count. The team will continue to read comments and feedback in our official forums and participate in regular playtests with the community. We’ll be patching the beta frequently and getting into a good rhythm for our post launch support cycle.

In addition, players in the open beta who decide to purchase the full game up to 60 days after it has been released will be able to keep all of the progression and unlocks they earned during the beta period, if they play the game with the same Steam account.

Source: Company of Heroes 2 website | Image via Sega

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The title doesn't make any sense. How can "Goes gold" and "open beta launched" be used in the same sentence.

Ok I read the story, and I get the beta part, still sounds funny!

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